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Baseball Fencing

Thank you for your interest in our advertising program. We are in the process of working with major advertisers that want to display their ads on our customers’ fences.   

These ads would be a full panel of print on mesh featuring that brands’ ad message. The brand pays for the printing of their ad on the panel. Sportaflex prints and ship it to you, our customer.  

When the brand has paid our invoice for this service, we will pay a portion of the charge to our advertising partners to you, our customer. This compensation for your willingness to hang our ad banner and display it on your outfield fence can be taken in either a direct pay check, or credit towards other Sportaflex products.

These ads will all be in accordance with normally accepted moral standards within your community and you will have the option of accepting your duty to display the ad or deny it. 

Your only responsibility will be to attach the ad to one of your existing Sportaflex fence panels with the zip ties we provide with the ad. A picture of the ad displayed on your fence at your location would then be requested so that we can forward payment or store credit for your portion of the ad.

Baseball Fencing
Baseball Fencing
Baseball Fencing


If you would like to participate in our advertising program, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly with a few questions.

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